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  • As its name implies, is a grass. It is grown in the paddy fields of China, and at a certain time of the growing season, the fields are flooded with seawater, hence the name Seagrass. After harvesti...  Show more
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  • Also known as Agave Sisalina, is a strong, green spiky bush which flourishes in the sub-tropical climate of Tanzania and Kenya. The giant leaves of the Sisal Agave plant are the raw material for si...  Show more
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Kukama Bushman's Footstool

  • 400*600*350 made from a variety of either zebra, nguni, ostrich or leather as per your specification and preference  Show more
Tags: Zebra | Nguni | Leather

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  • very and very african fits perfectly in the living room or in the tv room exellent product They are 1m x 1.2  Show more
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  • Size's differ of our carpets, we use South African game skins for our products. Our boarders are from leather and underneath is vinyl, so that the carpets don't slip. We are a small compa...  Show more
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