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African life size sculpture, Rearing Stallion Sculpture from Zimbabwe

  • For the extreme investment sculpture collector. 2 Magnificent massive green opal stone sculptures for sale Private seller Lion sculpture.  Size:  1200mm x 1000 mm x 1100mm Weight:...  Show more
Tags: African Sculpture | Lion Sculpture | Stallion Sculpture

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  • We are Collectors and dealers of very nice African mask , statues tribal antiques, fetiches and ritual items.all very old and full of African stories, they represent the  variouse Afric...  Show more
Tags: Antiqueties

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Origional Contemporary Art

  • The way I paint is unique! My Art is a buzz with energy and movement. I use a drip technique! Its Contemporary  Show more
Tags: Contemporary

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Beaded Owl Sculpture

  • Beaded Owl Sculpture Dimensions: Length 21 cm 8 Inches Width 16 cm 6 Inches Height 32 cm 13 Inches Weight 680g 1.5 Ib  Show more
Tags: African Craft | Sculpture | Wire Art

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African Kudu

  • Life sized African Kudu crafted from sheet metal. Looks amazing in lush gardens of hotels and homes, entrances of hotels, parks, etc.  Show more
Tags: African | Life Sized Animals | Metal Crafts

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  • Life-sized Metal Crafted ***** standing, amazingly life-like.Amazing in a garden of hotels, homes, etc.  Show more
Tags: Metal-crafted | Arts | Life-sized Animals

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  • Life sized, South African metal crafted Springbok.Looks amazing in parks, Hotel gardens, or your garden at home.  Show more
Tags: Crafts

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Wood Carved Animals

  • We have the largest range of fine detailed carved arts & crafts for purchasers of refined collections. We supply carved furniture and items carved from valuable stone, wood, bone and jewelery...  Show more
Tags: Wood Carvings | Iron Wood | Wood Sculptures

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Zulu Warriors

  • We sell all African art Sculptures of African Zulus & Bushmen, Animals and many other crafts and gifts directly here from Africa. Each piece is a masterpiece and unique. We are the suppli...  Show more
Tags: African Sculptures | African Art | African Arts & Crafts