Exporters & Suppliers Of Bamboo Crafts from South Africa

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Bamboo Crafts

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  • BEAUTIFUL Wall Mural created by Corne Pienaar, acclaimed South African artist and sculptor - whom always designs and creates with natural products  Show more
Tags: Wood | Mural | Sculpture

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Sledge, Club, Claw Hammer Handles

  • Made from the finest Eucalyptus diversecolour Timber, each handle is manufactured to standard size and can be customised to your requirment. Various sizes are available for each catagory handle- * ...  Show more
Tags: Wooden Handles | Hammer Handles | Hammer

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Imbali Flowerboxes

  • Supplier of Powder-Coated Steel Window boxes to suit all sizes of windows Supplier of Containers to suit Window boxes Standard and custom sizes Export worldwide Most Competitive Prices and Rust...  Show more
Tags: Flower Box | Window Box | Windowbox

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Handmade Lamps

  • Handmade Lamps - Features: - Wooden Decorative Handmade Lamps - Smooth and Stylish African Style. Made In South Africa. - Supply with or without Electrical Lighting Fittings or Natural...  Show more
Tags: Decorative Handmade Lamp | Handmade Lamps | Decorative Lamps

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Oriental Bamboo boards

  • Proving very popular, our Oriental Bamboo boards, panels and veneer have been used to create a stunning array of products and finishes, what will you create with them? Dimensions: 50 m x 320 x ...  Show more
Tags: Laminated Bamboo Board | Bamboo Plank | Bamboo Furniture

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African Hand Craft

  • African handcraft at the best xxxxx source any products that you are looking for from South African.  Show more
Tags: Hand Craft | African Art | African Handcraft

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Solid Wood Picture Frames

  • Our picture frames are hand crafted with solid solid wood. We can manufacture to your size specifications. We do not use particle board, pressed wood, veneer or any artifical materials, only soli...  Show more
Tags: Wood Frames | | Frames