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Energy products

  • Benchmark Testing - Engen Dynamic Diesel Engen conducted research into the needs of Diesel consumers and developed the most advanced additive pack that will deliver on these needs. Benchmark testin...  Show more
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  • Liquified Petroleum Gas or liquid petroleum gas also refered to as simply butane or propane. It is used as a fuel in cooking appliances and vehicles. As Africapaciti we are based in South...  Show more
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D2 and LNG

  • We supply the following products D2, LNG and Bitumen. Our company is based in Angola and South Africa  Show more
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Gasoline Fuel

  • We are brokers for buyers and sellers, we have companies which sells the mentioned products.We also assist companies which are interested at procurring thes products by facilitating the transactions  Show more
Tags: Gasoline | Gasoline Fuel | Petrol

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Crude Oil

  • Transatlantic Trading Company (Pty) Ltd. Dear. Buyer, The Transatlantic Trading Company is an organisation that trades particularly in energy commodities and have a long standing ...  Show more
Tags: Liguefied Petroleum Gas (lpg)

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Diesel, Aviation Gasoline, Biofuels, Jet Fuels, Liquefied Petrolium,

  • Our prime service is to supply PETROLEUM PRODUCTS locally and internationally (***** to other SADAC Countries). We also offer logistics services for the Products. This is the backbone of our abilit...  Show more
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Fuel Supplier

  • If you are looking for a reliable fuel supplier of crude oil, paraffin, jet fuel, petroleum, gasoline and diesel please feel free to submit your enquiry to me. We are able to source fuel from vario...  Show more
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