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  • Kiarah Chemicals was established in 2002. We manufacture industrial and hygiene cleaning chemicals. Our products are manufacturered according to SABS specifications. we manufacture powder, liquid ...  Show more
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Aryan Glass Doors

  • Aryan Glass Doors/Windows Cleaner  Used to clean windows, glass tables, mirrors, screens of  TVS and computers. Removes finger prints , oil spots , dirt.  ...  Show more
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Lavender Fabric Fragrance

  • IQhawe Inkosi Pty Ltd was created to service the emerging markets in the detergents industry , we saw a niche gap in the market where good value for money products was needed to satisfy Â&nbs...  Show more
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Aryan Fabric Softner fragrances

  • Aryan Fabric Softner fragrances :apple, lavender, water-lily  Gives clothes a fresh smell , reduces wrinkling , resistance to  stains.  .  Show more
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Aryan Air Freshners Cherry,

  • Aryan Air Freshners Cherry, Lavender and Apple  Used to eliminate âBadâ smells used in homes and vehicles  To give a ânewâ smell to interio...  Show more
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Aryan Degreaser

  • Aryan Degreaser  It is very effective for cleaning heavy equipment eg construction  machinery , tractors, trucks , buses.engines and vehicle parts.  ...  Show more
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Aryan Pine Disinfectants

  • Aryan Pine Disinfectants  Pleasant pine fragrance which deoderises, cleans, disinfects in  one action.Cleaner for toilet areas for household , offices,   malls ...  Show more
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Aryan Car/Truckwash Soap

  • Aryan Car/Truckwash Soap  Used for washing all types of vehicles heavy construction  machinery, buses, taxis, trucks, family cars.  Leaves the vehicles shinin...  Show more
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Aryan Bleach in 5liter

  • Disinfectant for bathroom , kitchen , to whiten clothes and  remove stains .  .........  Show more
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Aryan Multi Purpose Cleaner

  • By purchasing our raw materials in bulk we are able pass the savings onto the customer thereby making our products available to the common man and this in turns improves people's standard of l...  Show more
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Aryan Lemon fragrance strong dishwashing liquid

  • Aryan Lemon fragrance strong dishwashing liquid  Cleans all types of glass, pots, pans, removes oil, grease from  Dishes , cutlery etc.  . .  Show more
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Caustic Soda

  • Flakes Characteristics: Its appearance is that of white flake. Thin flake with high transparency. Such characteristics make Caustic Soda Flakes dissolve very fast. Micro Pearls Characteristics:  Show more
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Mono Propylene Glycol 99.5%

  • Mono Propylene Glycol 1.Application:drug carrier 2.CAS NO.:57-55-6 3.APPERANCE:colorless Description: Mono Propylene Glycol CAS No.: 57-55-6 Packed in 200/210KG iron drums 20'FCL=16.0...  Show more
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