Exporters & Suppliers Of Mining and Metallurgy Projects from South Africa

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Mining and Metallurgy Projects

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Mercury silver virgin liquid 99.999%

  • we are importers and sellers of virgin silver liquid mercury in its highest purity 99.999%  we have a large customer base and we always have plenty stick on hand. all prices are Vat inclus...  Show more
Tags: Mercury Virgin Liquid Silver 99.99 99.999%

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Chromium ore for sale

  • Have chrome from Zimbabwe availabe. Most recent samples between 43.7% and 45.6% Cr2O3. Can ship to Joburg by truck. Cr/Fe ratio between 1.54 and 3.18. Price in Johanessburg : $175 per tonne. Price...  Show more
Tags: Chromium Ore | Lumpy Chrome | Buy Chrome

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diamonds, gold, Mines for sale

  • Cosmos Property Group is selling mines and all other commodities. We also want mines, gold, diamonds Oil, and any other commodities for sale. We have a big network of buyers and sellers. Only serio...  Show more
Tags: Mines | Diamonds | Gold