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Hydrogen Peroxide 50% , Chromium Oxide,Calcium Oxide, Titanium Oxide

  • PROD EXPORT Ltd is a dedicated producer and suppliers of a wide variety of chemicals and Oxides. We have available for sale and exports the following types of oxides for exports.   50% ...  Show more
Tags: Hydrogen Peroxides 50% | Oxides | Iron

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Highest quality Calcium Hydroxide SDS of BP IP USP ACS Analytical Reagent FCC Food Grade

  • Specifications & Grades of Commercial Pure Hydrated Lime or Slaked Lime or Calcium Hydroxide offered Grades A1++ A+ A % of available lime as Ca(OH)2 96±1 +93 +90 Active CaO(%) +7...  Show more
Tags: Calcium Hydroxide

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Titanium Dioxide

  • Sulfate treated with zirconia and alumina. Suitable for PVC, film laminating, latex paints, coatings, rubber / masterbatch / plastic, paper making.  Show more
Tags: Titanium Dioxide

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Iron Oxide blue for chemical fertalizer

  • Properties: 1) brilliantly colored powder. Eye-pleasing and durable. 2) Strong coloring power, excellent coverage. 3) Light permanency and weatherability. 4) 6 7 grade resistance to oxidation and l...  Show more
Tags: Iron Oxide | Chemical Fertalizer

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CCA 60% (Permacure Oxide Liquor)

  • Permacure Oxide Liquor - 60% or 70% Oxide (CCA) is for industrial use for the protection of wood in service against attack by wood-destroying fungi, insect larvae and termites. It is applied to woo...  Show more
Tags: Wood Preservative | Timber | Celcure

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  • Alumina purity 99.9%, white solid, mp=2071 oC, refractive index 1.768-1.772, insoluble in water, density 3.95-4.1 g/ml  Show more
Tags: Alumina | Aluminium Oxide

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Calcium Oxide

  • Calcium Oxide of purity >99%, density 3.35 g/ml, melting point 2572 oC, reacts with water, white powder  Show more
Tags: Calcium Oxide | Lime | Quick Lime

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Manganese Oxide

  • A large volume of a dust containing approximately 40.2% manganese oxide, low in iron-oxide, is available for export at an excellent rate.  Show more
Tags: Manganese | Manganese Oxide | Metal Oxides

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Sodium Hypochlorite

  • Sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl) is a compound that can be effectively used for water purification. It is used on a large scale for surface purification, bleaching, odor removal and water disinfection. ...  Show more
Tags: Sodium Hypo | Sodium | Sodium Hypochlorite