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Cosmetic Raw Materials

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Coconutt Diethanol Amide CDEA 78

  • Specification Item Index Appearance straw to brown dopy liquid Active matter content (%) 78MIN Free oil content % 5 MAX Amine Value (MG/KOH/G) 30 MAX Color & Luster (5% A.M, Hazen) 500 MAX pH ...  Show more
Tags: Coconutt Diethanol Amide Cdea 78

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SLES 70 Sodium Laureth Sulfate SLES 70% Used Soap And Shampoo

  • SLES Specification Item Index measuring method   70%           Appearance White and eye m...  Show more
Tags: Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulphate

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Snail secretion liquid filtrate 98% pure

  • iVitl snail secretion is commercially harvested from the common garden snail species Helix Aspersa.  Our harvesting process does not harm or kill our snails.  The secretion ...  Show more
Tags: Snail Secretion Liquid Filtrate 98% Pure Helix Aspersa Snails Cosmetic Raw Ingredient

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  • HOT &  ACTIVE HAGER WERKEN EMBALMING COMPOUND POWDER & FLUID IN PINK & WHITE FROM GERMANY CALL +27782287125 Hager & Werken embalming products available in J...  Show more
Tags: Hager | Werken | Embalming

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Almond Oil

  • Sweet Almond Oil - All Natural, Cold Pressed, Paraben & Hexane-free 100% Pure Moisturizing Oil. FREE online Download of the many Uses and Benefits. So good for your face, skin and hair. Wil...  Show more
Tags: Sweet Almond Oil

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Isopropyl Myristate(IPM) Cosmetic Raw Material

  • 1, Isopropyl Myristate(IPM) Cosmetic Raw Material 2, IPM 3, Cosmetic Raw Material 4, Personal Care Material 5, Skin Care Oils Oily emollient, low viscosity, well spread out, strongly permeability  Show more
Tags: Isopropyl Myristate(ipm) Cosmetic Raw Material

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White oil ( industrial paraffin oil)

  • 1.White oil/Liquid paraffin oil Colorless 2. Packed by new steel drum 3.Timely delivery White oil/Liquid paraffin oil Colorless  Show more
Tags: White Oil ( Industrial Paraffin Oil)

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Refined Glycerine

  • Refined Glycerine Refined Glycerine USP  Refined Glycerine USP - Specifications (KCOC) Glycerol content % 99.7 min Specific Gravity (25 Deg C/25 Deg C) 1.249 min Colour (ml FeCl3 /50m...  Show more
Tags: Refined Glycerine

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White Mineral Oil

  • White mineral oil8042-47-5;8012-95-1 White mineral oil 1.Basic information CAS:8042-47-5;8012-95-1 EINECS number: 232-455-8 Industrial grade, Cosmetic grade  Show more
Tags: White Mineral Oil